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Born on the Bayou: the La Croix kin (Part 4)

Back to the gremlins. They look a bit harsh here under this lighting, but I added highlights to all of the green skin, the brown hats and dusters, as well as basecoating their pants with Necron Abyss blue, and the bases with Snakebite Leather.
At MOAB, Nick Fletcher (Turelio) helped me out and finished off the pants - we're going to have to get together to finish off more figures this way, it's so much faster! Anyway, the pants have been finished off with Enchanted Blue, and Ophelia's crop top painted with Hormagaunt Purple and highlighted with Hormagaunt Purple plus Skull White.
Pere Ravage has been put on a cast 40mm desert base now as well with the pig (another of my home made resin bases).