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Relic Knights: Princess Malya

Finished this one off over the past three weeks. Quick army paint job so I could get her onto the table - though unfortunately, this one was fully assembled when I got it, which made some parts quite awkward to paint!

Buildings are courtesy of Mantic. The mat is the Relic Knights mat from Soda Pop Miniatures. The base is a base topper from Aetherworks.

Warhammer Quest Wizard

Finished a Warhammer Quest wizard, trying for the classic 90s paint scene and bright colours.

Here's some WIP:

He's pretty short next to a Sigmarine!

Reaper Bones Orc

Just painting a small bit at a time when at Turelio's place - mostly washes and drybrushing. Went for human colour skin for bit of difference.

Here are sme of the work in progress photos:

Mantic Battlezones Dice Roller

So I don't own a dice roller, but I do like rolling dice. What I wanted was a dice roller that could seamlessly double as a piece of terrain, especially in games such as 40k, Infinity or Deadzone. 
I wanted to set about making a dice roller out of Battlezones terrain by Mantic. It's very affordable and easy to build. I don't claim credit for this idea - there's a multitude of dice rollers made from Battlezones out there, but I hope to show you how straightforward it is to construct one. 
Please let me know if you give it a try!

Let's start. Parts required: 1 x Fortified DistrictTwo small triangular ruin pieces from the Ruined District You can build the dice tower entirely from the Fortified District and saw one of the floor panels into triangles to make the top steps if you wish. Even after building the dice roller, there should be plenty of pieces left over to make more defence lines. You will also have a cool gun and a satellite dish thing.

Here's the basic i…

Speed paint: Reaper Bones Halfling Thief

Quick paint job over two sessions of a Reaper Bones soft plastic Halfling Thief.

40k Rogue Trader - Space Marines WIP (Part 3)

Some more work on these guys.
Bases were washed with GW Agrax Earthshade, and all the metals were washed with Army Painter Dark Tone.
Bases were then drybrushed with GW Snakebite Leather, and some blue areas touched up with a mix of P3 Cygnar Blue Highlight and Arcane Blue.

Hero Quest: Barbarian Repair and Restoration (Part 1)

Once upon a time, I painted up the four heroes from Hero Quest. You can guess the era from the colour of their bases! I feel the time has come to give these guys a proper restoration and bring them up to the quality they deserve (I'm not particularly attached to my old paint jobs, though I'll probably keep the colours reminiscent of their existing schemes).

As you can see, the Barbarian has a broken sword, so first-thing-first, time for a repair. My friend Rob Jedi suggested I use a plastic cocktail skewer - these turned out pretty close in width and let me choose the length I wanted. Pulling out a spare Barbarian from another set of Hero Quest as reference, I went to work.

I used a brass-etched saw blade to remove the remains of the original blade, and then cleaned up the hilt with a triangular file so I could get right into the corners. I then measured up the sword and did a cut with the saw again to get a clean edge.

Next, I used a 1mm drill bit to drill out a hole, going …

D&D 4E Game - The Temple of Silence

Some photos from our D&D 4E game - just two encounters to finish off an adventure we started 3 years ago...

We use a mix of painted and pre-painted miniatures.

Hero Quest: The Rescue of Sir Ragnar

We continued our Hero Quest games with the Rescue of Sir Ragnar. Here are some photos from the game, this time with a new wizard and elf to replace the ones that failed to survive the Trial.
Fortunately they managed to dispatch all the monsters before finding Sir Ragnar. And no one died this time.