Relic Knights: Princess Malya

Finished this one off over the past three weeks. Quick army paint job so I could get her onto the table - though unfortunately, this one was fully assembled when I got it, which made some parts quite awkward to paint!

Buildings are courtesy of Mantic. The mat is the Relic Knights mat from Soda Pop Miniatures. The base is a base topper from Aetherworks.


Ryan Cruz said…
Excellent paintjob! I've recently gotten the model myself.

Do you think you could explain how you painted the Deadzone Terrain? I've been stumped on how to paint that stuff and I really like how yours turned out!
Anonymous said…
Yeah I'll do a post one day on it. The technique is basically airbrushing the panels - I find airbrishing lighter shades over a dark base coat works well. Then a drybrush of an appropriate colour, followed by washes to make them look dirty.

The lights are simply done by doing some airbrush spots over the bit that should be bright to give the glow, then paint the light itself with blue and white.

Metal bits are simply base coated in a bright metallic, then given a wash to make them grungy and dark.
Ryan Cruz said…
Thanks! Can't wait to see the post, I've tried something similar and just couldn't get it right.

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