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Deep Wars: Fortune Hunter Robot

I got the Deep Wars Fortune Hunters starter as part of their Kickstarter campaign last year. I decided to try and do up some antique metals and green/teal hues to emphasise the metal and underwater atmosphere. The following photos show the big resin robot from the Fortune Hunters, out of the box upto the current paint job on my painting desk.

Here are all the bits and pieces out of the box. Mine had a broken tube on one arm that I fixed up with a bit of super glue.

And here it is assembled, from different angles.

 This is what the robot currently looks like - the first shot is with a bit more light, but the second shot below is a bit closer to the actual colours. The metals are GW Balthasar Gold, drybrushed with Griffon Gold, followed by an oil wash of Burnt Umber. I then drybrushed with more Griffon Gold, followed by a wash of Jade Green in the cracks. I then drybrushed back up with more Balthasar Gold.
After the base colours were in, I airbrushed Arcane Blue around the rocks and th…

More Khador (part 2)

Here are some more photos of my Khador. Two lots of photos. The first lot show more of the metal details and black painted in. At this stage I had switched to using the brush. The metals have all been given a wash of Badab Black.

These next few photos show the models with the remaining black symbols and small details such as screws and handles painted. On Scorsha I have also picked out more details and painted the weapon. The fur trim was drybrushed using Tyrant Skull.

A group shot, showing the crew ready for the table top. There are still some finer details and highlights to add, but they're good enough for a game.