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Work in Progress - Snow Storm (Part 2)

Working on miniatures again. So I promised I'd work on Snow Storm and the Essence of Power for my Rasputina crew, so here's what I've gotten back to - trying to finish off Storm. There's a space on the front for Snow but I am painting her separately.

Paint scheme is basically the same as the Ice Gamin for the skin, as mentioned in my first WIP post. The rest of him is as follows:

Hair: Charadon Granite base, Troll Blood Highlight drybrush, Menoth White Highlight drybrush.Face: Hormagaunt Purple base, Hormagaunt Purple + Menoth White Highlight highlights.Hooves, Claws, Horns: Charadon Granite Base, Chararadon Granite + Menoth White Highlight highlights, followed with a Devlan Mud wash.
The base is the same as the rest of the crew (I haven't added the white texture base to the grass tufts yet though). I tried to drag the texture paste down to make it look like icicles off the side of the rocks.

Here is the WIP Snow - she has a base of Hormagaunt Purple for her coat, …

Work In Progress - Snow Storm (Part 1)

This is actually from a while back, but I never got a chance to post the photos. To make my next post make more sense, I am posting it now, after the fact (and cheating by changing the date!). 
Anyway, Snow and Storm were both pinned together after clean up.

Here's a shot of them assembled.

Storm required a fair bit of greenstuff to fill the joins for his arms as you can see in the photos.

After a white undercoat,  I did a very quick airbrush of the skin, using the same formula as the Ice Gamin so the crew would have a unified colour scheme, then did a thin over-brush by hand using thinned Menoth White Highlight to sharpen the blue.

His face was basecoated Hormagaunt Purple, and I have just started painting the teeth, claws and hooves black.

Aetherworks Steak House - Finished

I finally got around to finishing the Aetherworks Steak House, with a drybrush on the wood with a butternut coloured craft-paint. I drybrushed the roof and the awning, then reinforced the colour on the decking too. To finish it off, I used Devlan Mud to re-trace the lines on the awning.

This house I decided to leave off the optional door and window frame add-ons. I think the strong contrast of the white wood with the brown panels, roof and trim is enough to make it noticeable on the tabletop without having to go overboard on details.

Here's a side shot - it's important to get the dry-brushing on the sides of the awning as the thickness of the MDF material means that you'll notice straight away if it is not painted or dry-brushed.

Now, maybe back to painting some miniatures... haven't done that in a while!