Work in Progress - Snow Storm (Part 2)

Working on miniatures again. So I promised I'd work on Snow Storm and the Essence of Power for my Rasputina crew, so here's what I've gotten back to - trying to finish off Storm. There's a space on the front for Snow but I am painting her separately.

Paint scheme is basically the same as the Ice Gamin for the skin, as mentioned in my first WIP post. The rest of him is as follows:

  • Hair: Charadon Granite base, Troll Blood Highlight drybrush, Menoth White Highlight drybrush.
  • Face: Hormagaunt Purple base, Hormagaunt Purple + Menoth White Highlight highlights.
  • Hooves, Claws, Horns: Charadon Granite Base, Chararadon Granite + Menoth White Highlight highlights, followed with a Devlan Mud wash.

The base is the same as the rest of the crew (I haven't added the white texture base to the grass tufts yet though). I tried to drag the texture paste down to make it look like icicles off the side of the rocks.

Here is the WIP Snow - she has a base of Hormagaunt Purple for her coat, and Midlund Flesh for the skin. Still a bit to go on her...


I really love the paint job on the big man there. Look forward to seeing the finished model.

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