Aetherworks Steak House - Finished

I finally got around to finishing the Aetherworks Steak House, with a drybrush on the wood with a butternut coloured craft-paint. I drybrushed the roof and the awning, then reinforced the colour on the decking too. To finish it off, I used Devlan Mud to re-trace the lines on the awning.

This house I decided to leave off the optional door and window frame add-ons. I think the strong contrast of the white wood with the brown panels, roof and trim is enough to make it noticeable on the tabletop without having to go overboard on details.

Here's a side shot - it's important to get the dry-brushing on the sides of the awning as the thickness of the MDF material means that you'll notice straight away if it is not painted or dry-brushed.

Now, maybe back to painting some miniatures... haven't done that in a while!


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