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Nick Fletcher's Wyrd Miniaures

It's been a while since I last posted featuring other artists, so I thought I'd start again this year with a local painter who lives near me, Nick Fletcher, aka Turelio. Nick got a commended entry in last year's Sydney Wyrd Painting Competition with his bayou gremlin, and has recently been working on Pandora's crew.
Everyone's favourite, Baby Kade, still work in progress.
Same with Pandora. Great effect on the flame though.
And a finished crew member, Candy. Nick has painted green candy and given them a gloss coat for a bit of extra eye-catching detail.
The bases have been made with plasticard cut to fit the top of the base, then painted with acrylics and washed with oils, giving a realistic worn tile effect.

You can visit Nick's blog to see what he's currently upto. He can also be found on OzPainters as turelio.

Orc Warboss OZ GD 2009

Forgot to post these photos earlier. Thanks to Panzer for taking them for me on his DSLR. I had the WIP photos up but these are ones against a backdrop so it's a bit easier to see the details. So I decided to continue my journey of painting Orcs, and tried to put together everything I had learnt with my 2007 and 2008 Orcs into a Fantasy Single entry.
My two main goals were to work more with the pale/natural Orc skintones, and also my metallics, which I've felt have always been quite weak in the past. So I chose a relatively old model (I think he's old enough to enter the Forgotten Demons category actually!) because I've always loved the original Brian Nelson Orcs, and this particular figure had enough skin and armour to satisfy my goals.

The colour scheme and overall look is very influenced by the old skool Orcs, and also Rob Jedi's warboss and Vic's orcs. I also tried to put a lot of weathering on the metals and really tried to bring out some semblance of textur…

Post-Cancon Death Marshals update

For those who attended Cancon, you would have seen me painting my crews at the Mainly Medieval stand. Surprisingly, I did manage to get a fair bit done on them, especially on Lady Justice who is looking almost finished now.
Some photos of them individually. First up is Lady Justice, the main work was done on the sword and the belts and pistols, which are pretty much finished now. The brown belts are the same colour as the trench coats of the Death Marshals, to tie them together. The strap holding the sword is Trollblood Highlight and Menoth White Highlight. The gold bits are actually painted with Brass Balls. The hilt is Trollblood Base highlighted with Skull White mixed in.
The Judge needs a bit more work - I don't like the red bandana, it clashes with the grey hair, which I don't like either. I think I will repaint the bandana in black, highlighted the same as the hats of the Death Marshals, and then I will decide what colour the hair should be. The metals so far are Boltgun M…

Painting the Death Marshal's Bases

Last night I worked a bit more on the Death Marshals - I think I'm in that state where I can see them being finished and I can get into the zone and just work on them for hours. I decided to do the basing on all the models as I feel this really helps them come together into a unit or group.

For the bases I used the following colours. Starting with Snakebite Leather, washed with Devlan Mud, and then rehilighted with Snakebite Leather, Menoth White Base and Menoth White Highlight. Here's how the bases look on the Death Marshals:
Lady Justice had her hair highlighted, first with Bloodstone, then with Bloodstone and Dwarf Flesh. Her sword scabbard was picked out with Blood Red, then highlighted with Blood Red and Dwarf Flesh. Finally, a bit of Menoth White Highlight was added to this mix to edge the pattern on the scabbard.
And a shot of the Judge. The wooden planks I added on the Judge and Lady Justice's bases have been painted with Charadon Granite, and then highlighted by grad…

Malifaux Update - Redwarf's Steam Fitter's Union and my Death Marshals

Some more work on Malifaux as Redwarf and I try to finish some crews to take to Cancon with us next weekend.

Death Marshal Update
The Death Marshal's coat has been shaded and highlighted, but most of it is lost in the photo. The shading is Foundry Drab A, with Chaos Black mixed in at the deepest points. Highlighting is Foundry Drab C mixed with Menoth White Base and further highlighted by added more Skull White to the mix.
The boots are based with Cryx Bane Base and highlighted by gradually mixing in Rotting Flesh, edged with pure Rotting Flesh. The jeans are Regal Blue highlighted up with Enchanted Blue.

Lady Justice had just a general tidy up, and the pads and jeans painted. Here is a shot before:
And after, where the knee and shin pads have been painted green, and the hair re-defined with the base Bloodstone colour:
The Death Marshals have had their shin guards painted with the same green scheme as above.
Redwarf's Steam Fitters Union (Ramos' Crew)
Redwarf has been working on h…

Chronoscape: Holmes and Watson

Happy New Year!

I'd been in Singapore and Malaysia the last two weeks, and one of the events I got invited to was a Blogger End of Year Hat-py Party organised by 24seven. So hello to anyone who might be stumbling across my blog, you'll probably find it quite different to what you might expect!

Something on topic now! Here are the finished photos of Holmes and Watson, based on a 40mm square base as if they're investigating something mysterious at night. These were both fun figures to paint, though a bit rushed the week before Christmas. I hope Mae liked them. :)