Malifaux Update - Redwarf's Steam Fitter's Union and my Death Marshals

Some more work on Malifaux as Redwarf and I try to finish some crews to take to Cancon with us next weekend.

Death Marshal Update

The Death Marshal's coat has been shaded and highlighted, but most of it is lost in the photo. The shading is Foundry Drab A, with Chaos Black mixed in at the deepest points. Highlighting is Foundry Drab C mixed with Menoth White Base and further highlighted by added more Skull White to the mix.
The boots are based with Cryx Bane Base and highlighted by gradually mixing in Rotting Flesh, edged with pure Rotting Flesh. The jeans are Regal Blue highlighted up with Enchanted Blue.

Lady Justice had just a general tidy up, and the pads and jeans painted. Here is a shot before:
And after, where the knee and shin pads have been painted green, and the hair re-defined with the base Bloodstone colour:
The Death Marshals have had their shin guards painted with the same green scheme as above.
Redwarf's Steam Fitters Union (Ramos' Crew)

Redwarf has been working on his Arcanists, mostly concentrating on the Steam Borg but also starting with basecoats on the spider bots and Ramos himself. Ramos' grey hair is actually Trollblood Highlight.
He has used a nice rich tone for the Steam Borg's skin, going from a greeny-black to a warm midlund flesh highlighted with skull white. The sharp end-to-end contrasts really bring out the musculature of this model, and further enhanced using zenithal lighting to make sure the highlights are in teh right place.
The bots are Tin Bitz drybrushed with Brass Balls. The bases have been custom made with slate, sand and some cast of old cogs which were carefully glued in to look like they were naturally buried with the rest of the terrain.


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