Orc Warboss OZ GD 2009

Forgot to post these photos earlier. Thanks to Panzer for taking them for me on his DSLR. I had the WIP photos up but these are ones against a backdrop so it's a bit easier to see the details. So I decided to continue my journey of painting Orcs, and tried to put together everything I had learnt with my 2007 and 2008 Orcs into a Fantasy Single entry.
My two main goals were to work more with the pale/natural Orc skintones, and also my metallics, which I've felt have always been quite weak in the past. So I chose a relatively old model (I think he's old enough to enter the Forgotten Demons category actually!) because I've always loved the original Brian Nelson Orcs, and this particular figure had enough skin and armour to satisfy my goals.

The colour scheme and overall look is very influenced by the old skool Orcs, and also Rob Jedi's warboss and Vic's orcs. I also tried to put a lot of weathering on the metals and really tried to bring out some semblance of texture with the nicks and scratches on the relatively flat armour plates.

I'll have to do another Orc entry for 2010, I'm determined to keep going till I pick up a gold, and on the way, promote light green for Orc skin. :)


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