Painting the Death Marshal's Bases

Last night I worked a bit more on the Death Marshals - I think I'm in that state where I can see them being finished and I can get into the zone and just work on them for hours. I decided to do the basing on all the models as I feel this really helps them come together into a unit or group.

For the bases I used the following colours. Starting with Snakebite Leather, washed with Devlan Mud, and then rehilighted with Snakebite Leather, Menoth White Base and Menoth White Highlight. Here's how the bases look on the Death Marshals:
Lady Justice had her hair highlighted, first with Bloodstone, then with Bloodstone and Dwarf Flesh. Her sword scabbard was picked out with Blood Red, then highlighted with Blood Red and Dwarf Flesh. Finally, a bit of Menoth White Highlight was added to this mix to edge the pattern on the scabbard.
And a shot of the Judge. The wooden planks I added on the Judge and Lady Justice's bases have been painted with Charadon Granite, and then highlighted by gradually mixing Menoth White Highlight into the mix.
Here's a group of them all together:
Till next time!


YsambartCourtin said…
That looks fantastic, and the blues on the gribbly getting out of the coffin are awesome! That colour really grabs the attention.
Andrew said…
Thanks Bart. I'm going to bring them to Cancon so you'll get to see them in person.
Mae said…
Oooh they look pretty good! I love how the blue stands out without being tacky. :3
John Lambshead said…
They do look good. I agree with YC that the blue has worked very well.

I have repeated your blog address on twitter.
Andrew said…
@Mae thanks - I tried to make them look like jeans, so it was interesting trying to get the colours to look authentic.

@John glad you enjoy the posts about my Malifaux crew and thanks for tweeting my address. Good luck with your own crews too!

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