Post-Cancon Death Marshals update

For those who attended Cancon, you would have seen me painting my crews at the Mainly Medieval stand. Surprisingly, I did manage to get a fair bit done on them, especially on Lady Justice who is looking almost finished now.
Some photos of them individually. First up is Lady Justice, the main work was done on the sword and the belts and pistols, which are pretty much finished now. The brown belts are the same colour as the trench coats of the Death Marshals, to tie them together. The strap holding the sword is Trollblood Highlight and Menoth White Highlight. The gold bits are actually painted with Brass Balls. The hilt is Trollblood Base highlighted with Skull White mixed in.
The Judge needs a bit more work - I don't like the red bandana, it clashes with the grey hair, which I don't like either. I think I will repaint the bandana in black, highlighted the same as the hats of the Death Marshals, and then I will decide what colour the hair should be. The metals so far are Boltgun Metal washed with Badab Black wash.
This Death Marshal got a bit of love, with the apparitions coming out of his coffin painted in Vallejo Andrea Blue, and highlighed with the same colour mixed with Menoth White Highlight and Skull White. I'll need to work a bit more into it and then wash it back down with watered down Andrea Blue.
The hats on the Death Marshals were Chaos Black highlighted up with Charadon Granite and Menoth White Highlight. I also painted the holsters on the Death Marshals with the same Charadon Granite and Menoth White Highlight mix.
The jackets on the Death Marshals (and as mentioned before, on Lady Justice's belt and the gloves of the judge) were highlighted by gradually mixing Calthan Brown with the Beastial Brown base coat. They'll need another highlight to really bring them out.
Anyway, they're edging ever closer to being finished, I'll be looking forward to getting back to Rasputina and her crew soon.


YsambartCourtin said…
It was a pleasure catching up and watching you work, I hope you had a good Cancon, and anytime you need a place to crash in Canberra, you are more than welcome.

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