Chronoscape: Holmes and Watson

Happy New Year!

I'd been in Singapore and Malaysia the last two weeks, and one of the events I got invited to was a Blogger End of Year Hat-py Party organised by 24seven. So hello to anyone who might be stumbling across my blog, you'll probably find it quite different to what you might expect!

Something on topic now! Here are the finished photos of Holmes and Watson, based on a 40mm square base as if they're investigating something mysterious at night. These were both fun figures to paint, though a bit rushed the week before Christmas. I hope Mae liked them. :)


Mae said…
Absolutely love it! They're stunning! If only that lantern will shine brightly! XD Love the gold gild on it though~ :3

Those leaves on the floor? They're so delicate!

♥ Thank you so much for this!

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