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Wild West Building - Undertaker

Ah, so summer is slowly encroaching and my updates are becoming far and wide between. Fortunately I do have a lot of in-progress posts that require a bit of attention but I should get them out over the next few weeks.
Anyway, something completely different, this is an Aetherworks building that I painted after being inspired by the ones that Rob Jedi is painting up for his town. My one is the single storey building (with the hitching post on the left-hand side). It's been decorated with the appropriate door and window frames and I added a graveyard set to the front to make an Undertaker building. The sign is also an Aetherworks sign designed to go with the buildings but they don't seem to have that up on the store yet. The basic building has been airbrushed with Tamiya Medium Blue (XF-48). The edges were then airbrushed with black and the center airbrushed with white. The blue was then masked off with low tack masking tape, and the trim painted using Folkart browns, tans and c…