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Dystopian Wars: Prussian Empire (Part 5)

So I finished off the few final details on the Prussians. The metals such as the communication towers, pipes and cables were all painted in Balthasar Gold, Lead Belcher and washed with Army Painter Soft Tone. The edges o the grey were givevn a definition of watered down Etherium Blue (the dry paints water down nicely for this purpose).

Finally, the windows were all given a dab of Tamiya Smoke (straight over the grey) to give them some gloss and shine. MIG Dark Rust pigment was used on the Tiny Flyer bases, and sealed with solvent. The following is a photo dump of the finished models.

The acrylic bases are prototype movement trays for the tiny flyers by Aetherworks. They'll probably be available soon. So with these all finished, it's time to move onto Dropzone Commander!

Dystopian Wars: Prussian Empire (Part 4)

A bit more work on the Prussians. I drybrushed all the grey with Etherium Blue, and did the bombers at the same time. I then started on the camouflage, painting Chaos Black strips across various armour places on the ships and planes.
Here I did the underside of the bombers, and I also glued in Hawk Widgets using araldite. This will allow me to remove them from the flying stand when transporting or storing them.
I now paint a thinner white stripe along one of the edges of the black strips using Skull White. Here are the frigates with the white painted on. The camouflage really comes to life at this point!
I even did the camouflage on the tiny flyer tokens. But only on the wings. I vary the direction of the lines to make them a bit more varied.
Here is a group photo of the completed camouflage on all the vehicles.
And at this point, one of my flyers had the widget dry with a slight angle, but for the better as it looks like the bomber is banking!
Here's the big battleship with the …

Dystopian Wars: Prussian Empire (Part 3)

This post is all about the tiny flyers and bombers. It was finally time to put in a bit of work to bring the aerial units upto speed with the rest of the fleet.

All of the flyers received a liberal wash of W&N Burnt Umber oil paint to give a bit more depth to the metals.

A shot of them all together. You can see the oil is fairly wet. I actually did the oil paints 3 days ago and let them dry on their own.

The bombers were painted the same as the ships - decking was Rucksack Tan highlighted with Jack Bone, washed with Soft Tone.

The greys were painted with Greatcoat Grey. Below is a shot of them in a block of foam with some Covenant of Antarctica bombers hovering nearby.

With the oils dried, all the individual flyers were picked out with Greatcoat Grey. The canopies were painted Chaos Black.

The guns and nose were picked out with Lead Belcher, and the greys lightly drybrushed with Etherium Grey (a GW dry paint).

Here's a close up of one of the stands.

And a shot of the fleet to…

Dystopian Wars: Prussian Empire (Part 2)

A bit more work on the Prussian Empire naval battle group the past few nights.

I finished off the grey on all the armour using P3 Greatcoat Grey.

The battleship had a rare earth magnet put into the hole for the middle turret. As this could have optional armaments, using magnets to hold each option in place seemed like a good idea. In the photo below, I have also washed all of the gun metal areas with GW Nuln Oil, including all of the smaller turrets.

The flyers were stuck down to a piece of cardboard, and drybrushed with GW Griffon Gold.

They were then washed all over with Army Painter Strong Tone.

On the battleship you can see the remaining turret. I  removed the plug and gluing a magnet in place (following the same direction as the one I stuck into the hull of the battleship). I'll do the same for the other variants but for now a turret will suffice.

I also started on the remaining turret in the same colour sheme as the rest of the fleet, painting it separately on a piece of sp…