Dystopian Wars: Prussian Empire (Part 2)

A bit more work on the Prussian Empire naval battle group the past few nights.

I finished off the grey on all the armour using P3 Greatcoat Grey.

The battleship had a rare earth magnet put into the hole for the middle turret. As this could have optional armaments, using magnets to hold each option in place seemed like a good idea. In the photo below, I have also washed all of the gun metal areas with GW Nuln Oil, including all of the smaller turrets.

The flyers were stuck down to a piece of cardboard, and drybrushed with GW Griffon Gold.

They were then washed all over with Army Painter Strong Tone.

On the battleship you can see the remaining turret. I  removed the plug and gluing a magnet in place (following the same direction as the one I stuck into the hull of the battleship). I'll do the same for the other variants but for now a turret will suffice.

I also started on the remaining turret in the same colour sheme as the rest of the fleet, painting it separately on a piece of spare MDF.

And here is the whole battlegroup so far. I still have yet to start on the bombers and the remaining frigate.


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