Dystopian Wars: Prussian Empire (Part 3)

This post is all about the tiny flyers and bombers. It was finally time to put in a bit of work to bring the aerial units upto speed with the rest of the fleet.

All of the flyers received a liberal wash of W&N Burnt Umber oil paint to give a bit more depth to the metals.

A shot of them all together. You can see the oil is fairly wet. I actually did the oil paints 3 days ago and let them dry on their own.

The bombers were painted the same as the ships - decking was Rucksack Tan highlighted with Jack Bone, washed with Soft Tone.

The greys were painted with Greatcoat Grey. Below is a shot of them in a block of foam with some Covenant of Antarctica bombers hovering nearby.

With the oils dried, all the individual flyers were picked out with Greatcoat Grey. The canopies were painted Chaos Black.

The guns and nose were picked out with Lead Belcher, and the greys lightly drybrushed with Etherium Grey (a GW dry paint).

Here's a close up of one of the stands.

And a shot of the fleet together after tonight's painting efforts.


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