Dystopian Wars: Prussian Empire (Part 5)

So I finished off the few final details on the Prussians. The metals such as the communication towers, pipes and cables were all painted in Balthasar Gold, Lead Belcher and washed with Army Painter Soft Tone. The edges o the grey were givevn a definition of watered down Etherium Blue (the dry paints water down nicely for this purpose).

Finally, the windows were all given a dab of Tamiya Smoke (straight over the grey) to give them some gloss and shine. MIG Dark Rust pigment was used on the Tiny Flyer bases, and sealed with solvent. The following is a photo dump of the finished models.

The acrylic bases are prototype movement trays for the tiny flyers by Aetherworks. They'll probably be available soon. So with these all finished, it's time to move onto Dropzone Commander!


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