Death Master Snikch WIP Part 1

I've been quiet for the past week but I'm back now, still with a lot of Malifaux to finish, but also need to get started on this commission (an art exchange actually, with Anyasy), which you can see is Death Master Snikch from last year's Skaven release. Tonight I spent about 2 hours getting him prepped for undercoating.
Clipped off all the sprues, and then lots of filing to remove all the mold lines. Primarily using a large half-round and a small half-round file, a flat file and then a lot of scrubbing with a metal brush to really bring out the shine!
He'll eventually end up on a larger display base, but for now, he'll sit in the slottabase he came with for undercoating.

Edit: I just realised I uploaded the full size images! Sorry! Beware, they might take a while to download if you click on them!


red_gobbo said…
I still have troubles preparing metal models for priming to the extent you showed here.

Would you be so kind and make a how-to on this subject? Or maybe you (or somebody) could point me to some detailed online tutorial ;)

Thanks a lot and I cannot wait fot Snitch to be painted by you!

Andrew said…
Hi red_gobbo,

Sure I'll try and post something on cleaning miniatures with a bit more photos of the tools and process.

In the meantime, there's a few good articles on OzPainters that might help you:
Turelio said…
Have fun with him. I'd recommend keeping an eye on the rope belt he has round his waist. It almost disappears behind his hand, and can be a bit tricky to get to.
Andrew said…
Thanks Nick. I've kept the hand separate with a pin, so I can leave it off while painting. Hopefully that will allow me to get good access to the rope belt.

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