Death Master Snikch WIP Part 3

Just a bit more work on Death Master Snikch today.

Started with the hood, highlighting by gradually adding P3 Menoth White Base to P3 Cryx Bane Base to give the olive green colour.The strapping and rope were painted with Foundry Drab A, B and C. The gold bits were painted with P3 Brass Balls.
The cape was painted Chaos Black and highlighted up by adding Hawk Turquoise. Final highlights were done by adding Menoth White Base into the mix. The blades were basecoated with Boltgun Metal. The poison was painted with Orkhide Shade.
I've also glued him together now in this last shot. I've painted enough that it shouldn't be a problem with getting the brush into the fiddly areas. I think I'll keep him on the 20mm square base, but I'll stick that onto a black plinth.

Edit: A bonus picture from tonight! I've finished off the skin on his tail, highlighting the Tanned Flesh with P3 Midlund Flesh and Menoth White Highlight and also painted the dagger to the same basecoats as the other two.
Notice I've alsoo blu-tacked him down to an old paint point, as he's a bit fiddly to hold now that I've painted the cloak and can't rest my finger on it!


Turelio said…
Hmm. I'm starting to notice a lot of things on yours that I missed on mine. Mainly bits I painted towards the end and got lazy with. Are you having fun painting him?
Andrew said…
Ahh I think I've painted all the fun bits and now it's just the boring bits left! haha

What sort of things did you miss? I've been looking at the official 'Eavy Metal paint scheme a lot just to work out what the details are, even though my scheme is quite different.

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