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OzPainters downtime! Back on 1st August!

OzPainters hit the bandwidth cap - it should tick over on the turn of the calendar month. In the meantime, you can follow OzPainters on Twitter for status updates:

Arilyn, the Water Sorceress

This is my rendition of Arilyn, the Water Sorceress by Reaper Miniatures. I got her for a local store competition, but I didn't end up finishing her until Gencon Indy 2008. She came 4th in the Reaper Miniatures manufacturer award and netted me some nice loot to take home (thanks Reaper!).
In terms of painting, I had a fair idea of what colours to paint her. The main experiment was trying to pick out the more "girly" features - the deeper eye liner, the nails, the lips and the warm skin tone. Unfortunately, I think I failed with the skin, partly my fault with the blending and partly the un-even sculpting on the face. I should have noticed during cleaning of the miniature, and smoothed it out a bit more with milliput or greenstuff. Her features are just a bit too chiselled and wonky for my liking!

The fish scales on her dress were a lot of fun to paint, particularly picking out patterns in the scales. The whispy patterns at the bottom of her dress were not fun though, as the…

What's On My Painting Desk

Right now:
GW Orc WarbossPP Khador Faction with extra Epic SorschaPP Menoth Faction with extra Order of the Wall PaladinGW 70mm ElfWyrd Lady Justice

Fansploding Man Creates Monstrous Bioshock and Warmachine Hybrids!

Argh I'm late with a not-painted-by-me Friday post! So I'll just steal something off Rob. ;)

I'm just poking fun at some of the headlines attributed to Rob Jedi's awesome Warmachine pirate crew that made the rounds this week on the video game blogs. Go visit his blog to check out his latest stuff too!

Here are some photos they didn't post - the display Rob setup last year for MOAB. We're trying to decide on a new display this year, feel free to leave some suggestions!

Jaraya Malikh Khaliman by Jeremie Bonamant Teboul

This week I present a model painted by Jeremie Bonamant, currently studio painter for Kraken Editions and also responsible for the Miniature Painting DVD. This is a Jaraya from the Khaliman faction in Alkemy that Jeremie did up for the Alkemy Genesis rulesbook (currently out in French). These are my photos against a blue backdrop, but the official photos have a rendered backdrop.
The whole scene is very simple but extraordinarly elegant - the positing, the lighting and the scenery all fit together to make a wonderful vignette. The spots on the Jaraya are very realistic, and the light tones used on the chest and face provide a natural focal point. Jeremie has posted the studio photos of this model on CMoN, if you want to vote.

And this diorama will be on display at MOAB in October this year with some other miniatures from my collection. I'll have a longer post about MOAB soon, right now I am still preparing the painting competition and also painting classes.

Chick Challenge 2009!

The Chick Challenge entries for 2009 have all been posted in the galleries - there is one week from today for the public voting, so be sure to visit and vote. Or at least have a look!
Thanks to DocItalius, Franciuus and the Legio Pictorum forum for hosting the competition!

Foundry Cowboy by Steve Dean

This week, I present a cowboy painted by Steve Dean, who is most famous for his use of the three-stage "Dallimore" style. This is one I picked up from Steve's regular Ebay auctions.
The layering looks fantastic in real life, and many of the photos you see of this style really don't do the model justice. I've mentioned before, that the key to this style is neatness - if you can keep your painting within the lines and have good brush control, you won't have any problems applying this style to your miniatures. A montage view:
Be sure to check out Steve's website if this style appeals to you - I know the technique is quite polarised in the painting community, people either love it or hate it. For me, the technique is perfect for units and large ranks of troops - it strikes a great medium between looking good and getting models painted in a practical amount of time.
Oh, and Steve's forum has regular painting competitions too if you need something to keep you …

Hero Quest Undead

I'd been on a bit of a Hero Quest painting spree, so here's the first results of my labour. Consider this a how to paint Hero Quest tutorial - starting with the undead!

As I said in a previous post, I was inspired by the work done by Insaniak and embarked on getting my own Hero Quest set painted. They were all done using the base-colour followed by devlan mud technique, with the average time to paint a figure in the 10min range. Here's a group shot of the shambling horde! The skeletons were painted with the following colours, all followed by a Devlan Mud wash:
Bone - Bleached Bone (GW)Scythe Shaft - Burnt Umber (Prism)Scythe Blade - Bolt Gun Metal (GW)Base - Chaos Black (GW) The zombies were painted with the following colours, followed by a Devlan Mud wash: Skin - Rotting Flesh (GW)Eyes - Blood Red (GW)Hair - Astronomican Grey (GW-F)Axe Shaft - Burnt Umber (Prism)Axe Blade - Bolt Gun Metal (GW)Pants - Fenris Grey (GW)Jacket - Khemri Brown (GW)Base - Chaos Black (GW)The mummies…

Terezinya and Familiar by Alexi Z

It's time for a new not-painted-by-me Friday, and up this week is Terezinya with her demonic familiar painted by Natalya Melnik (Alexi Z). This is another figure I won off a Charity Auction. It was quite a surprise when I got notified, as Natalya's miniatures are always very popular and hard to get!
You'll notice she's slightly different to the stock miniature from Reaper - Natalya has resculpted the face on Terezinya so it has a better defined cheekbone, lips and chin. The skin is painted in quite a dark (for me anyway) skin tone, and is amazingly smooth and life-like. The NMM and satin finish on the clothing is also a stand-out! Anyway, here's a montage shot:
You can see more of Natalya's miniatures at CoolMiniOrNot, or at her blog. She also does commissions and regularly puts up sales on Ebay.