Jaraya Malikh Khaliman by Jeremie Bonamant Teboul

This week I present a model painted by Jeremie Bonamant, currently studio painter for Kraken Editions and also responsible for the Miniature Painting DVD. This is a Jaraya from the Khaliman faction in Alkemy that Jeremie did up for the Alkemy Genesis rulesbook (currently out in French). These are my photos against a blue backdrop, but the official photos have a rendered backdrop.
The whole scene is very simple but extraordinarly elegant - the positing, the lighting and the scenery all fit together to make a wonderful vignette. The spots on the Jaraya are very realistic, and the light tones used on the chest and face provide a natural focal point. Jeremie has posted the studio photos of this model on CMoN, if you want to vote.

And this diorama will be on display at MOAB in October this year with some other miniatures from my collection. I'll have a longer post about MOAB soon, right now I am still preparing the painting competition and also painting classes.


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