Foundry Cowboy by Steve Dean

This week, I present a cowboy painted by Steve Dean, who is most famous for his use of the three-stage "Dallimore" style. This is one I picked up from Steve's regular Ebay auctions.

The layering looks fantastic in real life, and many of the photos you see of this style really don't do the model justice. I've mentioned before, that the key to this style is neatness - if you can keep your painting within the lines and have good brush control, you won't have any problems applying this style to your miniatures.
A montage view:
Be sure to check out Steve's website if this style appeals to you - I know the technique is quite polarised in the painting community, people either love it or hate it. For me, the technique is perfect for units and large ranks of troops - it strikes a great medium between looking good and getting models painted in a practical amount of time.

Oh, and Steve's forum has regular painting competitions too if you need something to keep you going each month!


YsambartCourtin said…
I look at that style and instinctively think "I can't keep that neat". I'll look at the technique guide and see if it is true.
Andrew said…
You have a technique guide? Or do you mean Paul's big book? I can show you some of these figures next time we catch up!

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