Terezinya and Familiar by Alexi Z

It's time for a new not-painted-by-me Friday, and up this week is Terezinya with her demonic familiar painted by Natalya Melnik (Alexi Z). This is another figure I won off a Charity Auction. It was quite a surprise when I got notified, as Natalya's miniatures are always very popular and hard to get!
You'll notice she's slightly different to the stock miniature from Reaper - Natalya has resculpted the face on Terezinya so it has a better defined cheekbone, lips and chin. The skin is painted in quite a dark (for me anyway) skin tone, and is amazingly smooth and life-like. The NMM and satin finish on the clothing is also a stand-out! Anyway, here's a montage shot:
You can see more of Natalya's miniatures at CoolMiniOrNot, or at her blog. She also does commissions and regularly puts up sales on Ebay.


YsambartCourtin said…
It does photograph very darkly. I'm glad you mentioned the skin looks good irl - here it looks too dark.
Andrew said…
Her skin is quite dark IRL, but it's very smooth. I'll have to show you in person next time you're up.

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