Arilyn, the Water Sorceress

This is my rendition of Arilyn, the Water Sorceress by Reaper Miniatures. I got her for a local store competition, but I didn't end up finishing her until Gencon Indy 2008. She came 4th in the Reaper Miniatures manufacturer award and netted me some nice loot to take home (thanks Reaper!).
In terms of painting, I had a fair idea of what colours to paint her. The main experiment was trying to pick out the more "girly" features - the deeper eye liner, the nails, the lips and the warm skin tone. Unfortunately, I think I failed with the skin, partly my fault with the blending and partly the un-even sculpting on the face. I should have noticed during cleaning of the miniature, and smoothed it out a bit more with milliput or greenstuff. Her features are just a bit too chiselled and wonky for my liking!

The fish scales on her dress were a lot of fun to paint, particularly picking out patterns in the scales. The whispy patterns at the bottom of her dress were not fun though, as the casting was not sharp enough to define the pattern properly. I had to refer to some online examples to work out what the shapes were meant to be. I also didn't add the conch that came with her as I couldn't get it to work properly on the 30mm base.

Here's a montage of her from different angles:

The way Werner Klock sculpts his females is quite distinctive - they certainly lend themselves to a style where one can pick out the feminine facial details (and perhaps why many female painters are attracted to his sculpts - I'm just speculating here, but if you want to elaborate, feel free to leave a comment). Although I personally don't always agree with the sculpting aesthetic on his female pieces, I can appreciate why they appeal to other painters.

Anyway, I got a few other Werner Klocke female sculpts to refine my attempts, so I am happy to let this one sit on the shelf. Besides, she's had enough of a busy time travelling with me to the US and back! As a side-note, I got a nice classic GW River Troll that I am thinking of painting in similar colours to her. It can be her pet minion!

Edit: Dammit, just realised there's a huge chip off the paint on her right collar!


Jenova said…
Oh no, poor girl has a chip on her hair too.

Lovely paintjob though! I love Werner's female sculpts, though I'm not a fan of how he sculpts fingernails. It looks a little hookerish.
Andrew said…
Thanks Jenova - I agree, the hands are scary! They're like demon hands or something.

And I didn't noticed the the chip on the top of her head! Argh, more things to fix!

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