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Thousand Sons Dreadought

I was very lucky to walk away from the Demons this year with a bronze! I honestly didn't think my Dreadnought would place, it was quite a rush to get it finish, and it is the first year I have entered a stock, unconverted model (due to most of the year being devoted to thesis and other university related work).

Painting related things? Well not much actually. A rather stock standard paintjob I'm embarressed to say! I did try to concentrate more on the weathering though, as it is something often omitted from Tzeentch models. So lots of little metal chips, running rust marks and stains, and dirt build up. I did a small bit of glow effect on the plasma gun, but it is hardly a feature - I kept the glow small and not spread it onto the body or legs, incase I wanted to swap weapons later on (I know, you probably think I'm crazy for having weapon swap options on a Demon winning model!).

The other winners? Well congratulations to Glen, for walking away with his fourth slayer sword! …

Gashapon Repaints

I finished off these two guys recently, they are characters from an anime called "Kyo Kara Maoh". They were painted as a gift to a very special friend, and originally started life as keychains.

I removed the chain connector from their heads and filled in the holes with Greenstuff, which I then discovered was a bad idea as it was really hard to get a smooth finish (the figures were made of a PVC type flexible plastic). So I removed the Greenstuff and did it again with Milliput that worked much better!

The bases were laminate circles I had lying around, over which I sculpted some flagstone with Milliput. The ducks were litle accessories from Eureka Miniatures.

Overall I am very happy with the way these turned out, as it was not only something out of the ordinary, but also the first figures I had finished after taking almost a year off from painting.


In discussion with a number of painters, I have set up a new forum called OZ Painters, that will try to consolidate the painting community in Australia and provide a useful resource for anyone interested in painting miniatures for competitions or to a high display standard.

You can find OZ Painters at

The annual Day Before Demons workbench photo

So it's Golden Demon Australia time already. Here is my annual tradition of taking a photo of my workbench as I rush to finish my entry - it's actually pretty clean this year!

I only have one entry, a Thousand Sons dreadnought, sitting there in the middle. The Warmachine and Inquisitor retinue models are there for painting reference, as is the book on the right with the Egyptian imagery. Up the back is another Forgeworld Dreadnought - the MK4 Venerable Bling Dreadnought.

My paints are a mix of Vallejo, Palmer, Games Workshop (that Boltgun metal sitting near the Dreadnought was a pain to open!) and Matisse-Derivan. My brushes are taklon brushes, primarly a size 0 and a 5/0 liner brush. Haven't actually had to use anymore than what you see on the table.

Well my next post will probably consist of my MOAB commentary - we had a great turnout for the number and quality of the entries. I'll get photos up very soon! Till then, good luck with last minute GD painting.

McFarlane Dragons

Ok, so it's been a while since I posted anything. It's been even longer since I've even painted anything! So this is really just a short post to say I am still alive. This week I have been busy preparing the details for the MOAB Painting Competition, to be held at MOAB in October. I'll put some details up later, but I've cut down on the number of overall categories and increased the number of cross-category prizes. Hopefully it will be as good as, if not better than last year!

The other week Rob Jedi did an order to Case Fresh and I tagged along an order for 2 McFarlane Dragons. The order arrived this week and I must say they look fantastic (and they cost the measly sum of approx. $15 AUD each!). I don't think I ever need to buy any more dragons again, especially heavy, unweildy lead ones. These ones come painted and put together and should be good enough for the majority of my gaming needs.

So here they are. This is the Red Komodo Clan dragon from Series 2:

And t…

Conflict Sydney 2006

I will be at Conflict Sydney 2006 along with Sebastian Archer (automaton) and Robert Sakaluk (Rob_Jedi) doing the masterclass/hands-on painting workshops. Here are the details I managed to pull of Games Workshop Australia's website to save you the trouble:
Where: Charley and Playfair Rooms
Rooms Main Arena,
Sydney Showground,
Sydney Olympic Park.When: Sunday 30 April Cost: Tournament Players: $35
General Admission: $10Tickets on Sale: 9 January 2006Time:10am - 4pmLook forward to meeting some of you there! I currently have no real projects to work on, I've been really busy with other things, but I'll see what I can come up with. I don't believe you have to be a tournament player to join in on the painting. General admission is fine, just BYO model.

Ravage Special Issue 2

For those unaware, the second Ravage Special Issue is on painters around the world. It contains a fantastic collection of photos from world renowned painters, and is on sale now. Here's a picture of the cover:

You can order a copy from the official site (I think). The issue is in French, but it's the hundreds of photos that make it special, so hurry up and get a copy. Just ignore the crazy painter on page 25, his work isn't worth looking at. :)