Thousand Sons Dreadought

I was very lucky to walk away from the Demons this year with a bronze! I honestly didn't think my Dreadnought would place, it was quite a rush to get it finish, and it is the first year I have entered a stock, unconverted model (due to most of the year being devoted to thesis and other university related work).

Painting related things? Well not much actually. A rather stock standard paintjob I'm embarressed to say! I did try to concentrate more on the weathering though, as it is something often omitted from Tzeentch models. So lots of little metal chips, running rust marks and stains, and dirt build up. I did a small bit of glow effect on the plasma gun, but it is hardly a feature - I kept the glow small and not spread it onto the body or legs, incase I wanted to swap weapons later on (I know, you probably think I'm crazy for having weapon swap options on a Demon winning model!).

The other winners? Well congratulations to Glen, for walking away with his fourth slayer sword! That chaplin model was totally 40k and oozed a lot of character from the universe. Also congrats to Sebastian and Rob for a Chatswood triple sweep of the golds in the Single Figure categories!


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