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Dropzone Commander - PHR (Part 6 - Hades Super-Heavy Walker)

Finally upto the big guy. I decided to articulate my Hades after reading this fantastic forum post. I made some slight changes and went with a 10mm ring magnet with a 6mm ball bearing, instead of having the magnets in the tail gun itself. The 10mm ring magnet fits perfectly in the socket. I added a piece of plasticard underneath it so it would sit flush with the top of the tail

I didn't bother putting a hinge through the join where the tail meets the body, as there was enough friction from the resin to keep it in place.

The gun can articulate fully now and is very secure. Ring magnets are very strong!

The tail folded down, so walker can be picked up by a Poseidon.

I drilled a hole in the center of the model using a 3mm bit. This way I can fit the Hades onto a flight stand.

Here you can see a photo with a widget attached. It's not really visible when the walker is on the ground, but it adds some extra stability rather than having the flight stand stick into the walker itself.

Dropzone Commander - PHR (Part 5 - Poseidon Heavy Dropship)

It's time to bring the Poseidon to the same level as the starter box. I started by dry-fitting to work out how to assemble just enough for painting, and decided I would put the wings on but not the engines.

Here I've glued on the wings, but there's some gaps that need to be filled.

The underside was ok - no gap filling needed here. I drilled the plugs and added magnets so I would be able to carry my walkers and tanks.

The large gaps were filled with brown stuff (because it is what I had handy) and then I used liquid greenstuff over the gaps.

This was then filed back carefully with a soft foam-backed file.

The Poseidon was undercoated white, and I used the same pre-shading technique as the rest of the army, airbrushing black along the panel lines and deep areas, then gradually working up layers of Menoth White Base.
The engines were done separately but using the exact same techniques.
Once I was happy with Menoth White Base, I moved on and worked up the more extreme areas …

Dropzone Commander - PHR (Part 4)

A bucketload of photos for my PHR. After being relatively happy with how the dropships turned out, I decided to start on ground units. Here's how the Neptune dropships turned out with all the metals inked. The Army Painter Dark Tone worked a lot better than GW Nuln Oil in the end, so I'll use Dark Tone for everything else.
Walkers All of the walkers were given an initial pre-shade with black, and then airbrushed with Menoth White Base and Menoth White Highlight. Vallejo Air Aluminium was painted on one walker as a test, to ensure I got good coverage over the metal areas.
I was happy with the coverage, so I proceeded to paint all the metal areas on the legs and bodies of the walkers.
And from another angle...
The arms were given the same treatment of Vallejo Air Alumnium over the beige colours. Army Painter Dark Tone applied to all the metal areas:
Backs of the walkers - lots of metal area. The ink settled very well.
Arms after inking:
AFVs The tanks were painted with the same…

Dropzone Commander - PHR (Part 3)

So with the troops finished, it was time to start on some vehicles. As dropships are the bread and butter of Dropzone Commander, I thought it was probably best I get the trio of Neptune medium dropships painted first.
I found inspiration from some other folks who did pre-shading, basically follow the panel lines with a dark colour like black, and then gradually build up the colours on top. This leaves a very subtle shading effect.

The Neptune below has had Menoth White Base spray painted over the black pre-shading. You can see by following the more prominent surface areas, the base colour is less intense around the panel lines and on the sides.

Here are the remaining two Neptunes. I admit I'm not terribly accurate with the airbrush in following the lines, but luckily this technique allowed me a lot of slack to be messy.

The Neptune below has had a few coats of Menoth White Base, but there's still a few more coats to go till I get the desired opacity.

Here are the trio of Nept…