Dropzone Commander - PHR (Part 4)

A bucketload of photos for my PHR. After being relatively happy with how the dropships turned out, I decided to start on ground units. Here's how the Neptune dropships turned out with all the metals inked. The Army Painter Dark Tone worked a lot better than GW Nuln Oil in the end, so I'll use Dark Tone for everything else.


All of the walkers were given an initial pre-shade with black, and then airbrushed with Menoth White Base and Menoth White Highlight.
Vallejo Air Aluminium was painted on one walker as a test, to ensure I got good coverage over the metal areas.
I was happy with the coverage, so I proceeded to paint all the metal areas on the legs and bodies of the walkers.
And from another angle...
The arms were given the same treatment of Vallejo Air Alumnium over the beige colours.
Army Painter Dark Tone applied to all the metal areas:
Backs of the walkers - lots of metal area. The ink settled very well.
Arms after inking:


The tanks were painted with the same method. The turrets are magnetised, so I could easily paint the tanks with the turret off.
And with the turrets on...

The Army Painter Dark Tone applied over all the metal areas.
Front shot:

Here's a shot of them all together. I still need to finish the left arms on the walkers, but otherwise, they're ready for an oil wash and have some lights and sensors picked out. The tanks also need their tracks painted.


Anonymous said…
Awesome work!
Andrew said…
Thanks! Glad you like them!
Martin Kvolbæk said…
Did you thin the Dark Tone or did just just paint it on straight from the can? What exactly was it that made it better than Nuln Oil?

Looks great!
Andrew said…
Hi! No I painted it straight from the bottle - this was the small bottle of acrylic dark tone, not the metal tin (which is not water based). The dark tone was a bit thicker than the nuln oil and I found it dried with a better looking effect.
Martin Kvolbæk said…
Yeah after posting I discovered that there were a way smaller version than the big can (I did wonder why you would use that ;) ).

Thanks for the awesome thread, I just started this game - normally I HATE putting together models and only put in minimum effort, but have ordered a 100 magnets, a pin vice, paint etc etc and a big pile of models, can't wait!

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