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Blood Angel Terminators Redux

Two of these termintors come from the diorama in the previous post. I'd actually pulled them apart and reposed them, and have been repainting them so they can rejoin the rest of their unit.
I've gone for a much richer red colour, using Blood Red as the base rather than Mecharite Red. I built up layers of thinned Blood Red paint over the existing Mecharite Red, I just painted directly over the weathing and stuff on the armour previously (you can see the old chips and scratches poking through most prominently on the left leg). You can see the differences in red tones more pronounced when I put them side-by-side. Mecharite Red is way too dark but makes a great base coat. For Blood Angels, I wanted a nice vibrant red.
Here I've painted the gold on the chest eagle and the decorations on the knee and shoulder pads as well as the belt buckle.
I've added in some initial weathering done with brushwork rather than using sponges. It's a bit hard to make out, but the scratches are…

Space Hulk Diorama from 2007

It's Space Hulk fever with the announcement by GW of a limited re-release. Here's a Space Hulk diorama I put together quickly for Golden Demon 2007 - it didn't place, but was fun to do. These photos were taken on the day by Sean Gray:
Right now, the diorama is in still intact - I'd love to revisit it one day. But I've pulled the terminators off so I can put together a squad of five. I've actually pulled the terminators apart and reposed them, and right now they're getting a repaint. I'll put some work in progress photos up in another blog post - but yeah, I'll need some replacement terminators to fit back on the diorama. I probably need a genestealer or two climbing on the walls too!
Anyway, here are some WIP shots of the diorama: And here was my original inspiration, a classic GW diorama (not sure if it's actually on a Space Hulk, but hey, there's not enough box dioramas these days!):

WIPs and some new things to play with...

Some random stuff on my table right now...
These figures are from the Starter Box of the Empire of the Jade Triad by Kraken Editions for their game Alkemy. They're just display/demo models so I've followed the scheme on the box. I've just started highlighting up the leather-colour loincloths. The plastic is interesting to work with - they're certainly very durable and good for gaming as it has a fair bit of flex, so figures can be knocked over, moved around, etc. without fear of damage. I wonder if the new Privateer Press plastics is the same stuff.

I've been working on these guys on and off on Thursday nights at Tin Soldier in Sydney CBD. If you want to have a look, feel free to pop by!

Ursula is a dwarf warrior from Reaper, she's been on my table for a while, as I'm trying to get a good scheme on her armour. She has some really odd decorations which is making it difficult choosing.
Rob Jedi told me about Tamiya Putty - he'd used it to fill out uneven gaps…

Old WIP Photos of my Ordo Xenos

Note, I actually built and painted these back in 2005!
I was recently digging around my photos and found some old shots I had taken of my Ordo Xenos Inquisitor unit that I've never posted, so here they are! It's interesting to look at these again actually.
The Servitor The Scribe The Xeno Biologist The Purified Xenos

Escher Gang

An oldie! My Escher gang painted way back in 1996. I took them to Games Day OZ in 1999 and they won Gold in Necromunda Gang! Like what the hell?

Haha, times have changed a lot since then! Though even today, Jes Goodwin's sculpts really hold up well. Now if only Necromunda was widely available and everyone was playing it, like it was in the late 90s!

PS. There's still a few other gangers but I couldn't get them to all fit nicely in this shot.

Misaki the Warmaiden

This miniature was my very last-minute entry to the 2009 Chick Challenge, held by Legio Pictorum. The colour scheme is a reasonably close match to the official colours, as I liked the original scheme, and also the fact I only had 2 days to paint her! Here's a montage shot from differnet angles:
The base was a bit of an experiment, as I wanted to emulate the frothiness of sea water crashing onto rocks. I sculpted waves with greenstuff, and after painting it with blue and green paint, I added snow powder to the tip of each wave and to the rock. You can see the sculpted waves in the unpainted image below.
The figure was both fun and frustrating to paint - next time I paint her, I won't glue her together first, as some bits were very fiddly to get the brush into! She also has some savage mold lines and some ill-fitting joins, particularly on the face and the right arm where the staff joins the wrist. The staff itself is very thin and quite hard to bend back into shape (mine was bent…