Escher Gang

An oldie! My Escher gang painted way back in 1996. I took them to Games Day OZ in 1999 and they won Gold in Necromunda Gang! Like what the hell?

Haha, times have changed a lot since then! Though even today, Jes Goodwin's sculpts really hold up well. Now if only Necromunda was widely available and everyone was playing it, like it was in the late 90s!

PS. There's still a few other gangers but I couldn't get them to all fit nicely in this shot.


YsambartCourtin said…
I've played a Necromunda campaign about once every two years, Escher, Delaque, and once scaavies.

It's agreat game for getting people into the hobby, and fun for the pro's as well.
Andrew said…
I've got some Redeptionists mixed with Cawdor, and another Escher gang to paint!

Sometimes I wish they'd just license out Necromunda to a third party if they don't want to support it themselves, because there's so many groups looking for Necromunda-like games.

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