Old WIP Photos of my Ordo Xenos

Note, I actually built and painted these back in 2005!

I was recently digging around my photos and found some old shots I had taken of my Ordo Xenos Inquisitor unit that I've never posted, so here they are! It's interesting to look at these again actually.

The Servitor
The Scribe
The Xeno Biologist
The Purified Xenos


YsambartCourtin said…
Very interesting stuff. I particually like the large drill hand, and the 'safety' genestealer is awesome!
Jyggdrasil said…
I reckon the Xeno biologist is terrific.
Andrew said…
Thanks guys - genestealers are my favourite 40k "race" if they can still be considered a race. I'd like to revisit them again with some future projects (I've got some more "out-there" ideas brewing).

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