Space Hulk Diorama from 2007

It's Space Hulk fever with the announcement by GW of a limited re-release. Here's a Space Hulk diorama I put together quickly for Golden Demon 2007 - it didn't place, but was fun to do. These photos were taken on the day by Sean Gray:
Right now, the diorama is in still intact - I'd love to revisit it one day. But I've pulled the terminators off so I can put together a squad of five. I've actually pulled the terminators apart and reposed them, and right now they're getting a repaint. I'll put some work in progress photos up in another blog post - but yeah, I'll need some replacement terminators to fit back on the diorama. I probably need a genestealer or two climbing on the walls too!

Anyway, here are some WIP shots of the diorama:
And here was my original inspiration, a classic GW diorama (not sure if it's actually on a Space Hulk, but hey, there's not enough box dioramas these days!):


YsambartCourtin said…
As a Blood Angels player, in a big Kev way: I'M EXCITED. The sculpts look really sweet. I'm ordering for sure.

Your diorama is - I love the richness of the detail in the wall.
Andrew said…
Thanks Bart! I realised I forgot to include the WIP photos! Just adding them in now.

Have you pre-ordered your copy? Are you getting it from GW or elsewhere?
YsambartCourtin said…
Going into my local GW to-morrow - prob do it then.

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