Misaki the Warmaiden

This miniature was my very last-minute entry to the 2009 Chick Challenge, held by Legio Pictorum. The colour scheme is a reasonably close match to the official colours, as I liked the original scheme, and also the fact I only had 2 days to paint her! Here's a montage shot from differnet angles:
The base was a bit of an experiment, as I wanted to emulate the frothiness of sea water crashing onto rocks. I sculpted waves with greenstuff, and after painting it with blue and green paint, I added snow powder to the tip of each wave and to the rock. You can see the sculpted waves in the unpainted image below.
The figure was both fun and frustrating to paint - next time I paint her, I won't glue her together first, as some bits were very fiddly to get the brush into! She also has some savage mold lines and some ill-fitting joins, particularly on the face and the right arm where the staff joins the wrist. The staff itself is very thin and quite hard to bend back into shape (mine was bent in the blister).

Despite all this, the finished figure has a very grace pose as if she came out of some fighting game. I can't imagine gaming with her on the tabletop, she has so many protruding bits that any handling is likely to cause bits to bend or break off. For play, I'd actually recommend replacing the stock pole-axe shaft with brass rod for better durability.

Overall, I'm glad I managed to finish her to a state I was happy with for the Chick Challenge, and I look forward to painting the other Wyrd miniatures (Rasputina and Lady Justice) in the future.


YsambartCourtin said…
As usual, beautiful painting!
However, the picture does not give me the impression of waves. Live, I might get a better angle or impression, but those photos make it look like a crumbled light shale at the base of the big shale splice.

You might need a little something more to 'sell' the impression of water.
Andrew said…
Yeah I think the froth and foam is a bit too uniform on the waves. In hindsight, I should have added more texture to the sculpted waves to really make it look more violent and crashing.

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