WIPs and some new things to play with...

Some random stuff on my table right now...
These figures are from the Starter Box of the Empire of the Jade Triad by Kraken Editions for their game Alkemy. They're just display/demo models so I've followed the scheme on the box. I've just started highlighting up the leather-colour loincloths. The plastic is interesting to work with - they're certainly very durable and good for gaming as it has a fair bit of flex, so figures can be knocked over, moved around, etc. without fear of damage. I wonder if the new Privateer Press plastics is the same stuff.

I've been working on these guys on and off on Thursday nights at Tin Soldier in Sydney CBD. If you want to have a look, feel free to pop by!

Ursula is a dwarf warrior from Reaper, she's been on my table for a while, as I'm trying to get a good scheme on her armour. She has some really odd decorations which is making it difficult choosing.
Rob Jedi told me about Tamiya Putty - he'd used it to fill out uneven gaps on his Dreadnought. I picked up a tube to try, and I have to say, the stuff is fantastic - it's quite gloopy, but drys really fast (about 10min) and can be sanded and filed.

In the above pic you can see I've glooped it onto the top of the Ork mega-armoured torso which had a horrible 0.5mm gap between the mold halves, and serious pitting. In the below pic you can see the same piece after sanding back the putty. and because it's so fast to do, if it's uneven after sanding, I can just add more on and repeat the process until I am happy with it.
Yesterday I also picked up some oil paint and odorless solvent to try doing some weathering too.


YsambartCourtin said…
Interesting - will try Tamia white putty.

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