Blood Angel Terminators Redux

Two of these termintors come from the diorama in the previous post. I'd actually pulled them apart and reposed them, and have been repainting them so they can rejoin the rest of their unit.

I've gone for a much richer red colour, using Blood Red as the base rather than Mecharite Red. I built up layers of thinned Blood Red paint over the existing Mecharite Red, I just painted directly over the weathing and stuff on the armour previously (you can see the old chips and scratches poking through most prominently on the left leg).
You can see the differences in red tones more pronounced when I put them side-by-side. Mecharite Red is way too dark but makes a great base coat. For Blood Angels, I wanted a nice vibrant red.
Here I've painted the gold on the chest eagle and the decorations on the knee and shoulder pads as well as the belt buckle.
I've added in some initial weathering done with brushwork rather than using sponges. It's a bit hard to make out, but the scratches are all done with Vallejo German Black Brown.
I've glued the arm back on the Sergent, and the sword. He is posed here with the other members of his squad. The remaining three members had been airbrushed to varying degrees with Derivan Spartan Red, hence their kind of boring look in this photo.
More to come on this project!


YsambartCourtin said…
Ordered Space Hulk today :). With the in armour cavity behind his head - is it a simple black and a lighting effect, or is that painted a charcoal colour?
Andrew said…
It's actually painted black - it's much more striking then leaving it red.

Do you know if we get the freebie mail order miniature (the SM sergeant) if Hulk ends up being our first order off the GW Oz website?
YsambartCourtin said…
I ordered through the Woden store, so I'm not going to be getting one.

I'm not sure about the wesite. Seems reasonable. Will the SH delivery be during the website offer period?

GW Woden hads 45 orders in one and a half days :)

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