The annual Day Before Demons workbench photo

So it's Golden Demon Australia time already. Here is my annual tradition of taking a photo of my workbench as I rush to finish my entry - it's actually pretty clean this year!

I only have one entry, a Thousand Sons dreadnought, sitting there in the middle. The Warmachine and Inquisitor retinue models are there for painting reference, as is the book on the right with the Egyptian imagery. Up the back is another Forgeworld Dreadnought - the MK4 Venerable Bling Dreadnought.

My paints are a mix of Vallejo, Palmer, Games Workshop (that Boltgun metal sitting near the Dreadnought was a pain to open!) and Matisse-Derivan. My brushes are taklon brushes, primarly a size 0 and a 5/0 liner brush. Haven't actually had to use anymore than what you see on the table.

Well my next post will probably consist of my MOAB commentary - we had a great turnout for the number and quality of the entries. I'll get photos up very soon! Till then, good luck with last minute GD painting.


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