Hero Quest Undead

I'd been on a bit of a Hero Quest painting spree, so here's the first results of my labour. Consider this a how to paint Hero Quest tutorial - starting with the undead!

As I said in a previous post, I was inspired by the work done by Insaniak and embarked on getting my own Hero Quest set painted. They were all done using the base-colour followed by devlan mud technique, with the average time to paint a figure in the 10min range. Here's a group shot of the shambling horde!
The skeletons were painted with the following colours, all followed by a Devlan Mud wash:
  • Bone - Bleached Bone (GW)
  • Scythe Shaft - Burnt Umber (Prism)
  • Scythe Blade - Bolt Gun Metal (GW)
  • Base - Chaos Black (GW)
The zombies were painted with the following colours, followed by a Devlan Mud wash:
  • Skin - Rotting Flesh (GW)
  • Eyes - Blood Red (GW)
  • Hair - Astronomican Grey (GW-F)
  • Axe Shaft - Burnt Umber (Prism)
  • Axe Blade - Bolt Gun Metal (GW)
  • Pants - Fenris Grey (GW)
  • Jacket - Khemri Brown (GW)
  • Base - Chaos Black (GW)
The mummies were painted with the following colours, followed by a Devlan Mud wash:
  • Bandages - Bleached Bone (GW)
  • Skin - Ghoul Skin (RMS)
  • Base - Chaos Black (GW)
So there you have it! Simple and fast paint jobs that add lots of flavour to your Hero Quest games. They also make good undead for D&D games too!


YsambartCourtin said…
It just goes to show that the most basic sculpt can shine with the right paint job. Great work.

A friend recently handed me her new version of "talisman" minnies to paint. They were fun, despite the flexy material.
Andrew said…
Oh yeah I don't like the Fantasy Flight bendy plastic. I've got the Talisman upgrade kit on backorder, but it's been 4 months and it's still not back in print!
BizzareWarstar said…
nice one, the look great. The black base is a nice complement, really makes the minis stand out, i think I'll do that also with mine :P

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