Malifaux - Ice Gamin Test Scheme

So I thought I'd try out the colour scheme I had picked on the Ice Gamin. Well actually, I followed the scheme on the studio paint jobs, and just used colours from the P3 Trollblood paint set! I figured it would be fast and easy, so I put it to the test...
Blue Skin:
  • Basecoat - Trollblood Base + Chaos Black
  • Midcoat - Trollblood Base
  • Highlight - Trollblood Base + Underbelly Blue
Grey Belly:
  • Basecoat - Trollblood Highlight + Chaos Black + Trollblood Base
  • Midcoat - Trollblood Highlight
  • Highlight - Trollblood Highlight + Menoth White Highlight
  • Basecoat - Foundry Drab A
  • Midcoat - Foundry Drab B
  • Highlight - Foundry Drab C + Skull White
  • Basecoat - Hormagaunt Purple
  • Highlight - Hormagaunt Purple + White
Here he is next to his two friends. I'll go back and do some more zenithal highlights on the blue skin once I finish all three of them.
All up about 3 hours of casual painting, chatting and doing other stuff. The other two should be even quicker.


Turelio said…
He looks pretty good! A nice cool colour scheme.
Andrew said…
Haha thanks. It's just the colour scheme off the box! Improvising with P3 paints.

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