Dystopian Wars: Prussian Empire (Part 4)

A bit more work on the Prussians. I drybrushed all the grey with Etherium Blue, and did the bombers at the same time.
I then started on the camouflage, painting Chaos Black strips across various armour places on the ships and planes.
Here I did the underside of the bombers, and I also glued in Hawk Widgets using araldite. This will allow me to remove them from the flying stand when transporting or storing them.
I now paint a thinner white stripe along one of the edges of the black strips using Skull White. Here are the frigates with the white painted on. The camouflage really comes to life at this point!
I even did the camouflage on the tiny flyer tokens. But only on the wings. I vary the direction of the lines to make them a bit more varied.
Here is a group photo of the completed camouflage on all the vehicles.
And at this point, one of my flyers had the widget dry with a slight angle, but for the better as it looks like the bomber is banking!
Here's the big battleship with the camouflage pattern.
All that's left now is picking out the smaller remaining details, and I think I am done!


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