Nick Fletcher's Wyrd Miniaures

It's been a while since I last posted featuring other artists, so I thought I'd start again this year with a local painter who lives near me, Nick Fletcher, aka Turelio. Nick got a commended entry in last year's Sydney Wyrd Painting Competition with his bayou gremlin, and has recently been working on Pandora's crew.
Everyone's favourite, Baby Kade, still work in progress.
Same with Pandora. Great effect on the flame though.
And a finished crew member, Candy. Nick has painted green candy and given them a gloss coat for a bit of extra eye-catching detail.
The bases have been made with plasticard cut to fit the top of the base, then painted with acrylics and washed with oils, giving a realistic worn tile effect.

You can visit Nick's blog to see what he's currently upto. He can also be found on OzPainters as turelio.


John Lambshead said…
Those are finely painted. The bases set off the miniatures extremely well.
Turelio said…
Thanks for the kind words John! My basing is something I have been working on. I'm glad to hear you like them.
Mae said…
Good feature! :)

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