Mantic Battlezones Dice Roller

So I don't own a dice roller, but I do like rolling dice. What I wanted was a dice roller that could seamlessly double as a piece of terrain, especially in games such as 40k, Infinity or Deadzone. 

I wanted to set about making a dice roller out of Battlezones terrain by Mantic. It's very affordable and easy to build. I don't claim credit for this idea - there's a multitude of dice rollers made from Battlezones out there, but I hope to show you how straightforward it is to construct one. 

Please let me know if you give it a try!

Let's start. Parts required:
You can build the dice tower entirely from the Fortified District and saw one of the floor panels into triangles to make the top steps if you wish. Even after building the dice roller, there should be plenty of pieces left over to make more defence lines. You will also have a cool gun and a satellite dish thing.

Here's the basic internal layout:

It's easiest to construct the 3 walls of the tower first as separate pieces, and then join them together. Then attach the internal ramps and flooring, before finishing with the final wall. Here's a photo as I was laying out and assembling some of the pieces. It's important to consider which way up you want the connectors - in this case I wanted to make sure they were all on the outside of the tower.

I used the angled connectors to join the main interior ramps of the roller to the walls.

I made a piece that was 1/3 the length of a standard piece above where the dice are ejected from the dice tower by sawing one of the Defense Line walls in half.

This is the top of the roller - I added two of the smaller triangular floors from the ruined district to allow models to stand on the top of the tower if I were using it as scenery.

The main tricky parts were to remove about 1.5mm off each side of the internal ramps so they would fit cleanly inside the tower when all four sides were fitted together. I did this with a saw to do the initial cut and then used sprue cutters to remove the edges.

A shot looking straight down.

The dice roller in action:

Next is to paint it up. I want to give it an internal floor as well, probably out of MDF, and a nice layer of felt. I also want to add a barrier to stop the dice going behind the bottom ramp once the floor is in place.


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