Born on the Bayou: the La Croix kin

Got ahold of one of the new factions for Malifaux - the Born on the Bayou box, i.e. the Gremlin version of the Ortegas. I'm not sure how they perform in the game, but how can you go wrong when you have a pig strapped with explosives?
So here they are out of the box. A few multi-piece models, but quite easy to assemble (especially when compared to some of the more complex figures like Misaki or the Peacekeeper).
Here they are assembled. I just used superglue, I didn't find a need to pin the models as all the fits between the parts were really nice. I have not decided how to base them yet, so they are on temporary slotta-bases.
Undercoated white. Though I now think I should have removed all the tabs and filed flat the feet first before undercoating. Oh well.
I'm looking forward to slapping some paint on these guys, they look like a lot of fun to paint. They remind me a lot of the Rebel Grots from Gorkamorka.


Turelio said…
I only found out the other day Wyrd had released these models They look like they are a lot of fun. And you're right: pig + explosives is always going to be a winning combination!
Andrew said…
So how are you going with your Pandora faction? Going to get the other 3 figures painted? They're only small. :)
Turelio said…
I'm thinking that as they are at least 90% green, I can do them with the airbrush to speed things up. I've got them with me at the moment to clean them up, so I might try to get the models done for MOAB or around that time.

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