Born on the Bayou: the La Croix kin (Part 2)

Back to the Gremlins again! I sculpted and cast some desert base inserts (I figured I'd be doing a lot of these and it was just easier to have a selection of pre-made ones), I decided to base the Gremlins on these. I snipped off all the tabs on their feet and put in pins. You might notice the base inserts are similar to the bases for my Death Marshals.
I then drilled corresponding holes on the resin bases and glued them all on. Notice I don't have a 40mm round base yet for the pig and Ravage.
Here they are all airbrushed with Tamiya Flat Brown and Tamiya Desert Earth.
And after a coat of Tamiya Deck Tan, they look white again! D: It's not that extreme in real life, but it didn't turn out very well in the photo.


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