Death Master Snikch

Here are the photos I took of Death Master Snikch before I mailed him off. I had taken a few sets in different lighting conditions, but I think these are the best. Just taken in my office with the normal overhead fluorescent lighting, nothing pointing at the figure directly.A montage shot showing some more angles. I think when pushing contrast, a lot of it gets lost in the photos due to the proximity of the lighting, especially if your camera is a newer one with automatically adjusted ISO settings. For my Canon IXUS, it works better when I don't have a light pointed at the miniature, where as with my old Nikon, I pretty much had to.
Anyway, Snikch has been mailed off to his new home and owner. This is the first commission I had done in a long time, but it was a really fun figure and I enjoyed painting it a lot.

If you want to look back over the WIP posts, here they are in order:


Kuffeh said…
I have been following your progress on this guy and it was great to see him "evolve" into this finished form. Great work!
Andrew said…
Thanks I am glad you like following the WIP posts, I also get a lot of satisfaction looking at my own progress and it's much more interesting that just seeing a finished miniature.

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