Back to the Death Marshals

Ok, a few bits worked on last night. Since Rob Jedi has made a start to his own Death Marshals, I thought I should get a move on with mine. Spot the difference with the last post? Let's go through the answers...
Lady Justice got a clump of Mini-Natur grass on her base. It was a piece left over so I thought I'd put it to good use - eventually they'll all have similar clumps of grass on their bases. I also highlighted the black on her gloves and bodice, by gradually mixing Space Wolf Grey with Chaos Black.
The Judge's bandana is now black, as I felt the red was too bright.
So the coffins were painted Foundry Drab B, and washed with Devlan Mud. I've gone over them again with Drab B to bring out the planks of wood.
I've also finished the skin on the Death Marshals, though I still need to do their eyes and highlight the lips. As a recap, the skin was painted Tanned Flesh, and highlighed with Bronzed Flesh mixed with Dwarf Flesh. I then did another highlight with Bronzed Flesh mixed with Pale Flesh, and finally a few spot highlights with Pale Flesh.
Well, so much for sticking to three stages for these guys! So I still need to do a final highlight on the coffins, and then their jackets. And finish off all the hair on the Marshals and the Judge. Those are the main areas remaining, then it's a matter of just packing out the little details. Lady Justice is pretty much finished, and just needs some final highlights on her skin.

Till next time!


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