Malifaux - Zoriada Crew (Part 3)

A bit more work on the Zoriada crew over the past few days. First up is the Bayou bases, which I've given some washes, drybrushes, and picked out some details...
 From another angle:
 And another angle...
Pretty fast to do using GW drybrush paints, washes, and Foundry 3-stage paints.

And I've done a bit of work on the silurids too. Given them a burnt umber oil wash around the hands and feet and pick out the flesh.
The fins were painted purple using Hormagaunt Purple, and highlighted with Skull White added in.
And the other silurid...
And the third silurid...
Here are the Bayou bases with the first layer of Tamiya Smoke. They'll need a lot of smoke to really build up the shine!
 And the 30mm bases...
And another angle of the 50mm base.
Bad Juju got a wash of Devlan Mud:
And Zoriada got an oil wash of Burnt Umber, as well as Devlan Mud on her skirt.
Now it's time to really get the details on the figures...


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