Malifaux - Zoriada Crew (Part 2)

A bit more work on the Zoriada crew - I re-undercoated the models white so I'd have a nice clean base to work from with the airbrush.
The Silurids as they get ready for their basecoat of Traitor Green.
Zoriada has been given a coat of Traitor green on her lower half, and of Foundry Dark Flesh A on her skin.
Here are the Silurids after a coat of Traitor Green and some rough zenithal highlights with Menoth White Base.
Bad Juju was sprayed with Foundry Dark Flesh B to try and get some reddy brown tones in before I build up the other colours (thinking grey and dark greens and browns at the moment).
Here are the swamp bases with an airbrush coat of Charadon Granite.
And from a better angle.
Enough airbrush, time for the brush! I then used Trollblood Base and Arcane Blue with a bit of Skull White to pick out the water, and Foundry Drab A on the planks.
Here they are lined up with the models.
And I've also given the logs a coat of Scorched Brown.
Next up is some shading using oil paints! Till then, enjoy!


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