New Project: Dropzone Commander PHR!

Something brand new for me - I've never really collected anything small scale before (I've inherited a Flames of War army, but it wasn't something I started from scratch). So the new hotness at the moment is Dropzone Commander, and I picked up a PHR starter box. It is a 10mm sci-fi wargame centered around dropships and rapid re-deployment. I played a demo game at MOAB, and helped paint some of the demo figures (UCM and Scourge) so I wanted to paint something different to those. The PHR fit the bill nicely.

Rob Jedi helped me get started with the assembly - the box contains a number of dropships, two APCs, four walkers and 4 stands of infantry.

Here they are built and cleaned up - they were pretty simple to construct (easier than the UCM and Scourge I reckon). The resin is a nice clean white resin that has some of the most crisp details I have ever seen. There were no warps or bends in any of the pieces. The troops are white-metal with some fairly heavy sprues.

The troops have been left on their sprues while I scrubbed them with the steel brush.

Three Poseidon class dropships - flying stands and connectors left of for now. I'll mount them on skewers for painting and attach the connectors after.

The Juno APCs need a bit of filling after the two halves are joined together.

Lastly the walkers - very straight forward construction. They have no bases, so make sure they stand flush against the table surface when assembling the legs.

The other walkers - I left them un-glued at the torsos and weapons for now.

So there's the contents of the box. I'm going to stick with a fairly standard paint scheme on these guys consisting of the cream-off-white desert theme. Hopefully the airbrush will take care of most of the large surface areas, and the models can be finished off by picking out the metal bits by brush.


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