Work in Progress - Snow Storm (Part 3)

As promised, I'm trying to get Snow Storm finished. After a good night of painting with Turelio and the other dude who does not have a Blogger account, I managed to get Snow to a level of completion that I am happy with.
I started with a simple three stage skin colour scheme using Iridian Flesh, Midlund Flesh and Menoth White Highlight. The hair and fur trim were blocked in black, and the coat was Hormaguant Purple highlighted with successive layers of white.
 I used my Rasputina model as colour reference to keep consistency with the rest of the crew. The fur was painted Charadon Granite, highlighted with Trollblood Highlight. The buttons and straps on the coat were Cryx Bane Base highlighted with successive levels of Skull White. Hair was Chaos Black mixed with Trollblood Highlight.
 Here is Snow ready to be glued to the base with Storm.
I used clippers to remove her tab, and filed smooth the underside of Snow. She was then glued onto the 50mm base in the space I had left for her.
The following are some shots from different angles - I also added Jo Sonja texture paste to the grass tufts.

So almost done! I think just a few quick oil washes to increase the contrast on Storm's skin, and really define the designs. Then I'll be done!


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